SZDIY Community

Who We Are?

SZDIY is a Hacker/Maker community in Shenzhen. We love old-school fashion technics, but we're not old-fashion. We make cool stuffs like electronic boards, game cubes, even solar devices - all built by our own hands, that's why we call our community SZDIY.

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What We Have

This is the facephone, the author Atommann made for his grandmother.
This is a CNC made by Mr. Wang.
This is a 3dprinter made by Brother Zeng.

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We hold regular meeting every Thursday night 20:00, FREE !


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weibo: @深圳DIY

twitter: @szdiy

Contact admin: szdiyadm[@]

Address: 深圳市南山区白石洲沙河工业区41栋301室

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